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Order your dish using our online ordering system and pick it up at our store. Scroll down the page to view our weekly menu and select the dishes you’d like us to prepare. You can then stop by our location and pick up your meals on a daily basis or even have some of them frozen and pick them up over the weekend. You can also pass by our counter to see what is available even if you haven’t reserved.

Below, you’ll find our weekly menu, which we post online every Friday at 3 PM!

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Menu of the week

Tuesday March 21st
Wednesday March 22nd
Thursday March 23rd
Friday March 24th
Frozen meals

Prepared meals for every occasion

Discover the pleasure of eating fresh home-cooked dishes without having to prepare them yourself! With Les Marmitons en Herbe, you can count on healthy, balanced meals, prepared using only the finest fresh, seasonal ingredients with no preservatives. Whether you’re a busy family, an on-the-go professional, a senior or a single, if you’d like to enjoy the benefits of delicious home-made food each day but don’t have time to cook, you can reserve your preferred prepared dishes in individual, half-family or full-family portions. Or you can simply stop by our location and check out our current selection!

Fresh, ready-to-eat meals

We prepare our dishes fresh each day, so you don’t have to wait hours to enjoy them: just heat them up, and dinner is served! However, if you’re in need of a convenient lunch option or if there’s a dish you particularly liked and you want to enjoy it again, you can always stock up on our frozen meals from previous days’ menus.

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